Discover our wide range of anti-slip solutions for your stairs. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, we have the right products for you. Our Stair foils is almost invisible, so that the aesthetics of the staircase is preserved. It is suitable for solid wood stairs indoors. Our Stair nosing profilescan be screwed or glued and are also suitable for uneven surfaces outdoors, as they consist of a stable aluminum carrier profile. Our Anti-slip strips and tapes secure your stairs with various properties (form-fitting, luminescent, signal colors, etc.) Tested in accordance with the current DIN 16165 and equipped with slip classes up to R13 reliably secure your home from slipping risks.

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Slip classes according to DIN 16165

In Germany, slip resistance is regulated according to DIN 16165 (formerly DIN 51130). Slip resistance is measured on an inclined surface with a standardized shoe and lubricant. This is how the slip resistance classes R9 (lowest slip resistance) to R13 (highest slip resistance) are determined.